Do our patients really need Co-q10 if on a statin?

CoQ10 gel vitamin supplement capsules. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that is a necessary nutrient for cell function in the body and have numerous health benefits.

-A customer walks into your store and starts talking to you about his statin. His friend is taking a statin and coq10. Before you get nervous, you remember that you read this article. You know exactly what to say

Coq10 (short for co-enzyme Q-10), is a vitamin-like compound found naturally in our mitochondria in the body, helping us to make energy. It’s needed in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, which is needed to bring energy to places your body needs… FYI your heart has more than 100 times coq10 than other parts of your body…

Co-q10 has been associated with benefits for people with migraines, fertility, fatigue, muscle strength, cancer prevention, heart disease, the list goes on!! 

There are mixed outcomes from studies done to see if Co-q10 helps muscle pain related to taking a statin. Some studies conclude that it’s effective, and other show it doesn’t help at all…so there is more to study on this end…

BUT….what we DO know is  the way the statins work: when they lower LDL levels, they lower Coq10 levels too. It also has been shown to improve bloodflow to the heart..

And with the other benefits from taking Co-q10,, show the pt. where where the Co-q10 is, and grab yourself a bottle too..

Pharmacist note:

                  Taking Co-q10 can may reduce effectiveness of  blood thinners, and medications used for cancer, and might decrease blood pressure. Anyone taking anti-cancer drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, or blood thinner, should consult with their md before starting.

                  If over 60 or on statin or heart failure/attack: about 200mg/day

                  If under 60: 100 mg

                  Best if you space out medication into two dose, but don’t take too late at night, as it may cause insomnia.

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