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  • The Recalls

    What is NDMA?             NDMA stands for N-NITROSODIMETHYLAMINE. It’s a nitrosamine that’s made as a by-product when we use chloramines as disinfectants of drinking water, manufacturing rubber and tire, tinning of meat and fish, among other processes.  When foods contain nitrites (such as bacon), which are added to prevent overgrowth of botulism toxin and to also […]

  • 10 rules to Carpel tunnel, prevention and relief

    Ever since day one, carpal tunnel has been considered, along with varicose veins and thick glasses, a station that we must all get off at if we’re to ride the retail pharmacist train. Well, hold on there, cowboys and cowgirls. Not so fast. There are many things we can do to help carpal tunnel not […]

  • How long are medications good for after they expire?

    Folks, we get asked this question all the time: “I found this medication in the cabinet, but it says it expired last year; can I still use it? This is a rather grey area. There is no testing for medications to see how safe and affective they are after they “expire”. Let us  look at the […]

  • Tops 3 things you need to know about this flu season:

    Flu season is just around the corner! Yes! Before the questions come up, you’ll already have the answers.Here, you’ll find helpful review points about the flu virus, flu vaccine administration, and what to know about the upcoming season: 1.Review of the flu          what: the flu comes from a very contagious virus that cause respiratory illness. […]

  • 7 things to keeping your fuming customer cool

    You are are helping the nice man in front of you get a discount card to lower the cost of his prescribed sildenafil, you glance at the woman behind him. Oh man. You can almost see the fumes coming out of her ears. She looks mad. One of your technicians tries to help her and […]

  • Do our patients really need Co-q10 if on a statin?

    -A customer walks into your store and starts talking to you about his statin. His friend is taking a statin and coq10. Before you get nervous, you remember that you read this article. You know exactly what to say Coq10 (short for co-enzyme Q-10), is a vitamin-like compound found naturally in our mitochondria in the […]