7 things to keeping your fuming customer cool

You are are helping the nice man in front of you get a discount card to lower the cost of his prescribed sildenafil, you glance at the woman behind him. Oh man. You can almost see the fumes coming out of her ears. She looks mad. One of your technicians tries to help her and she tells him “ I want to speak to the person in charge, I will never trust this place again”. You remember these points to make your conversation with her as smooth as it can be:

  • breath:

If your having a bad day yourself, make sure to have a clear head, otherwise things won’t end well.                                                                                                                            

  • Listen:

She wants to be heard. So listen up. While your listening, keep your eyes engaged, and make sure that your arms are un-crossed. 

  • Don’t get defensive.

 Look at it like: the pt. is angry at a problem, and she just wants you to listen and solve it.

  •  go over the situation. 

Saying her name rather than miss, sound more personal. For example: “I see why your so frustrated, Sheryl, this is your third time coming back.

  • No problem is too small.

Even if the problem is that the strawberry flavor that you placed in her fluoxetine solution wasn’t strawberry enough, saying something along the lines of: “ sorry that you weren’t please with it, let me fix that for you, will get the pt. to cool down faster. The objective here is to try to retain the customer. No matter what their problem is, we have to fix it, and have them leaving satisfied.

  • Offer a solution, or a few.

“Ok Sheryl, we can either flavor it with more strawberry, or we can call the doctor for some fluoxetine capsules; do any of these solutions suite you?

  •  Follow up.

Call the pt., and ask them how everything is. Make them feel special.

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